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Pellet boiler Everclean PK0030 14-30kW with burner PV30b


4935.00 4440.00


NEW! Pellet heating boiler with advantages!
Equipped with Pelltech pellet burner PV30b model.
● Unique design – vertical 2-way boiler
● Equipped with pellet burners PV20b or PV30b
● Self-cleaning boiler and self-cleaning pellet burner
● Equipped with high efficiency patented flue gas diffusers (turbulizers)
● Built-in automatic smoke cleaning system
● Built-in flue gas fan and draft sensor (50kW model)
● Integrated high-capacity ashtray
● Rare cleaning intervals (up to 2 months)

Pellet burner PV30b (14-30kW)
Granule feed 1.5m 25W
Tank for pellets 310L (175kg) (45 * 86 * 1450mm)
Mini compressor for pneumatic cleaning

Dimensions W x W x H mm: 600x600x1510, weight 196 kg (without burner)
Total heat capacity: Max – 30kW; min – 14 kW
Boiler water volume: 100 liters
Efficiency: up to 95%

Ash tank capacity: 38 liters
Flue pipe diameter: 112 mm
Power: 30 kW
Weight: 196
Manufacturer: Pelltech

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