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Pellet heating boiler Pelling ECO 35



Pellet boiler Pelling ECO 11.7 – 35 kW

● Automatic power control with the possibility to program operating times for a week;
● Simplified compatibility with room thermostat;
● Horizontal pipe heat exchangers with turbulizers;
● High efficiency reduces fuel consumption;
● Two types of pellet tank sizes to extend operational autonomy;
● Optionally available with pellet hopper on both the right and left side;
● Easy to use and maintain;
● Efficiency> 91%
● Manufactured in accordance with European standard EN 303-5: 2012 and
belongs to the highest class 5 pellet boilers;
● Equipped with a flue gas fan for more efficient pellet combustion,
as well as provides ash cleaning from the burner to the ash box;

Power: 11.7-35 kW
Weight: 348 kg
Manufacturer: ThermoFLUX

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